In the name of Honour

A talk about the stigma and demonisation faced by divorced females within the south East Asian ethnic minority community and the challenges they face against an outdated mindset steeped in tradition from the old world. I’ll be drawing upon my own life and my determination to combat my own struggles within an abusive traditional marriage. 

I will be highlighting the following issues:

  • The conflicts one faces with regards to expectations from external family members and unreasonable expectations from spouses that lead to spousal abuse. 

  • The challenges faced by British asian women and the conflicts they face living in the modern world inside the bubble of a traditional asian family. 

This talk aims to redefine the existing stereotypes we have and encourage females and their families to break barriers and fight the monotony of suffocating values that lead to the mindset that causes spousal/parental/social abuse.

Date Yourself 

This workshop Is focused on developing a healthy relationship with oneself.

Though this journey individuals learn to:

  • Enhance self-awareness of the innate strengths and skills

  • Explore passions and talents, character strengths and core values to relate to real life

  • Discuss what happiness means in well-being terms

  • Teach individuals how to use self-knowledge as a platform for establishing a ‘happy life’.

My sisters fight is my fight 

The most commonly asked question is “what do I do if my sister is going though domestic abuse”

This workshop is designed to give individuals a direction and explore:

  • Victim Blaming

  • What a typical victim looks like

  • 7 steps on how to save a sister 

Conquer Everest

This workshop Is focused on encouraging a healthy lifestyle, well being & mindfulness.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Empower individuals to find own direction by determining individual beliefs, values and direction

  • Be a lively and helpful introduction to the process of goal setting and direction

  • Encourage to look inward for inspiration to set positive goals and consider the steps to achieve each goal

Turn your pain into Power 

“The deepest pain empowers you to become the strongest person” -M,r

Marzana Rahman will share her story about how her determination not to be defined by her abusive past led her on a journey battling loneliness. Learning about self love, empowerment and advocacy gave her the courage to challenge the stiff upper lip attitude to divorce and domestic violence within the South Asian community. This talk and workshop will teach you about how a positive mind frame is the first step in achieving anything you want in life.

Life isn’t always going to be on a downward spiral. When it is, you can find ways to focus on the positive instead of the negative, this talk is followed by a workshop encouraging a healthy lifestyle, well being & mindfulness, self belief and goal setting.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Empower

  • Inspire 

  • Motivate 

  • Educate 

Individuals will be taken through a step by step journey on how to identify pain and turn it into power. 

The session will be geared at opening up dialogue and encouraging individuals to break out of their shells to face issues such as mental health. 

This last segment also includes a Q&A